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Barry’s Carpet Service, Inc

bringing a healthy clean to your home

Proper cleaning not only removes dirt, it also removes impurities and allergens that can affect the health of both human and animal occupants. It can give tired-looking fibers or discolored surfaces new life and remove heavy soil, stains, odors and water damage. Regular care will also help any kind of flooring last longer. Considering how much money you’ve got invested in your floor coverings, you can’t afford not to give them the kind of expert care they’ll receive from Barry’s Carpet Service. Call them today!

Reputation, Experience & Quality

“They went way beyond what I asked them to do. The guy found something that needed to be done and took care of it without charging me. They're always on time.” Jenna D.

Serving all of Monterey and San Benito Counties
(831) 644-0707